Studio Work

  • 20th Century Fox - Post production facilities, screening, mixing, transfer, and machine rooms.

  • Paramount Pictures Studios - Main screening theater, executive screening rooms, foley sound stage, control rooms and several other editing and dubbing rooms.

  • Warner Brothers Studios - Scoring stage, screening theaters, CEO office, high definition editing and dubbing rooms, and executive conference centers. Warner Technical Operations theatre offices, and miscellaneous offices.
  • Universal Studios - Home Video Production offices, dubbing/mixing Rooms, telecine rooms.
  • MiraMax Films - Executive offices.
  • Sony Pictures - High definition screening theaters, video transfer facilities, editing rooms.
  • Disney Studios - Conference room and lobbies.
  • Dream Works - Executive offices.
  • Additional studio work at:  EMI Music Recording and Publishing, Debney Productions, Eleven Sound, Asylum Records, Universal Music Group - MCA Records, Interscope Records, Dolby Labratories, Imax Production Headquarters and Theaters, Seal Residence Home Theatre, Soundelux Studios, Artisan Screening Rooms, and Back Nine Holdings.